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Ducks surround Snowy Egret’s perch

At a local park called ‘Riverwalk’ here in Bakersfield, a Snowy Egret was poised on a pond rock surveying the water for possible prey. When a group of foraging ducks floated too close to it’s vantage point, the Egret retired to less crowded waters.

p.s. Apologies for the shaky video, I was taken by surprise…ENJOY!!

SPRING has Sprung at the Local Park

A few weeks ago, I photographed this very park. NO ONE was at the park! The baseball fields and tennis courts were empty. The playground equipment was waiting for kids to climb all over them. The park seemed lonely…
On Palm Sunday, the park came alive with ball players, tennis matches, kids scrambling all over the park & on the ‘jungle gym’. BBQs were fired up and one group even brought an inflatable ‘jumper’ for added entertainment!

First Lessons

Thanks for your kind attention. I’m ‘shifting gears’ on you, today, as dog training is one of my favorite passions! (I’ll get into the specifics of MY qualificatioins in another post.)

My friend and fellow trainer, Bill Roundtree, with a new training prospect, “Romeo”, 6 mo., M, Pitbull going thru his paces: being social; focusing on handler; exposure to loud noises – in this case, gunfire & upon BEST response, lesson ends…

Stay tuned for weekly updates….