SURPRISE ~ eBay Listings Are Producing Sales

Well, looks like in the thrill and relief of the full reinstatement of my eBay account, I listed too many DVDs from my collection, too closely together – time-wise – that is; you know, one right after another.  Next, the quick buying response to so many of my listings caught me off-guard.  So, I also went through my shipping label funds via the eBay-USPS connection just as quickly.  I even had to contact some of the buyers to tell them I was processing their items by hand and there might be a slight delay in delivery time.  Fortunately, all deliveries were timely & buyer feedback, so far, has been favorable.

By this time, it was also fairly obvious that I had over-listed!  So, I deleted a few of my listings to make sure I could handle the remaining sales & buyers properly.

Part of the problem is payments to PayPal take 21 days before the buyers’ funds are accessible.  Also, PayPal & eBay want you to develop a good reputation dealing with themselves and your buyers – you know, get some experience, accrue good feedback ratings, manage your accounts well, etc. – before they allow quicker access.  Pretty cool in the long run – the system almost forces you to improve if you just stick with it – all you have to do is listen & adjust to your buyers’ feedback.

Actually, REAL COOL!!  Why?!?  ‘Cuz that just happens to be my MAIN motto – “Improvise, Adapt, OVERCOME!”

There were 29 total listings that sold.  Here are photos of some of those items.

Mahalo & Aloha, Charly

Let me know what you think – leave a comment!  I’d really appreciate it, ‘cuz you’d be helping me KEEP my MAIN MOTTO – dig it!!



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I am 1/2 Native Hawaiian/American; born in Honolulu, HI - NOV 1950; Viet Nam era vet; recently retired, novice blogger/internet marketer; aspiring Entrepreneur/screenwriter/videographer-filmmaker; Master dog trainer; former Veterinary Tech; veteran Martial artist; motorcycle rider/enthusiast; 'foodie', etc.

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