House Was Burglarized While We Slept

I haven’t said anything about this before because it has been a ‘bone of contention’ since it happened. 

Sometime during the wee hours of 21 JAN 2014, someone broke into the house and stole everything they could easily get their little grubby hands on.

The prime suspect was, and still is, the boyfriend of my friend’s nurse.  Why him?!?  Well – this is how STUPID criminals are – she asked if he could come in while she finished her morning routine of 20 JAN.  After my friend gave the OK, he came in and was polite & congenial as he stood surveying the premises.  Making conversation, I asked him what he did for a living.  He replied that he ‘found’ things at yard sales, etc. that he could resell for a profit such as electronic items, knick-knacks, etc. and was usually fairly busy in that pursuit.  That was probably the big ‘tip-off’, yet, being fairly naive about such matters, I didn’t give it a second thought. 

About 5:30 AM on 21 JAN, I heard a suspicious sound, like glass shattering, and awoke to check things out.  When I got to the main living area, I was shocked to see that the house had ‘been tossed’ and the place was a minor disaster area.  I notified my friend of the circumstances and searched the rest of the house to see if anything else was missing.  Then, I got my Sony HDR-CX290 handycam and took some pictures of the aftermath. 

My friend has 2 Dobermans that were confined to his bedroom, preventing them from their primary night-time duties of household patrol & protection.  When they alerted him to the situation, he simply ‘turned them off’ believing that, for whatever reason, they were unjustified in their response.  Their barking woke me at the time, but hearing my friend, I promptly ignored them, gave it no further thought & went back to sleep – until I heard ‘the sound’.

My friend accosted me, saying that, since I’m a dog trainer, I should have known by the dogs’ tone that something was wrong and should have investigated, then – in other words, I was to blame!!  He is paralyzed from the neck down and has been wheelchair-bound for the past 35+ yrs., is frail & in poor general health, so I didn’t argue – but, let’s get this straight – I didn’t like my integrity or loyalty being questioned.  Also, I think he SHOULD know me better than that, since we’ve been friends from the early 1980s and I’ve NEVER done anything for him to doubt me or my intentions during all that time. 

That evening, in a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction, he borrowed a GUN from another friend assuming that I would ‘handle it’ for him.  I DON’T like the presence of guns – probably because I am thoroughly familiar with their proper use & am an excellent shot – loose in the household, so I told him he should let someone else ‘handle it’ for him.  Pissed off, he mumbled something inflammatory & derogatory to me, then passed it to another household member for safe-keeping.

Since then, things have been strained, to say the least, and I now find myself in need of other lodging.  So, I have a new quest…I’ll get to that LATER…ImageImageImageImageImageImageSo, what was taken?

Photo #1 – broken window that woke me; #2 – misc. knick-knacks; #3 – 60″ Plasma HDTV weighing +/- 150 lbs, so we believe a crew was used; #4 – different angle of #3; #5 – computer tower, keyboard w/’mouse’ , 27″ color monitor; #6 – misc. knick-knacks.  Are we right in our assessment of the perpetrator??  You be the judge…!!

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I am 1/2 Native Hawaiian/American; born in Honolulu, HI - NOV 1950; Viet Nam era vet; recently retired, novice blogger/internet marketer; aspiring Entrepreneur/screenwriter/videographer-filmmaker; Master dog trainer; former Veterinary Tech; veteran Martial artist; motorcycle rider/enthusiast; 'foodie', etc.

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