Off to the Races With eBay…

Well, it seems that I have resolved any issues eBay had with my account.  Presently, I am selling most of my DVD collection – 197 titles in all – of which I have managed to list 34, so far.  I have encountered my first ‘official’ seller’s snag – a buyer wants to retract his winning bid – and I must arrange the Resolution through eBay’s channels.  My ‘baptism-under-fire’, so to speak.  And, due to financial constraints, I am unable to ship via the eBay USPS postage system and must process orders by hand. 

Buyers were contacted to solicit their cooperation in obtaining their shipping addresses so I could expedite their orders and most responded quickly with my assertion that I would mail their DVD in the morning.

Here are photos of SOLD dvds…ImageImageImageImage

Here is the link if you want to check out my offerings…


Here is the link to my other blog…


Thanks for your kind attention, Mahalo & Aloha, Charly

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I am 1/2 Native Hawaiian/American; born in Honolulu, HI - NOV 1950; Viet Nam era vet; recently retired, novice blogger/internet marketer; aspiring Entrepreneur/screenwriter/videographer-filmmaker; Master dog trainer; former Veterinary Tech; veteran Martial artist; motorcycle rider/enthusiast; 'foodie', etc.

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