eBay Suspension & Reinstatement…again!

For the past couple of months, I’ve been dealing with ‘security issues’ with my eBay account.  Early in MAR, my account was suspended for ‘suspicious activity’ due to outdated or improper ID.  I submitted the required information via fax at a local Fed Ex outlet & waited for a response.  After 2 weeks without a reply, I contacted eBay via phone to get things moving.  I was told that they did not receive any of my data and I should resend it, which I did immediately!  I used the same fax office and received confirmation from eBay just after the fax was sent, noting it could take up to 3 days to verify my info.

I went about other business as usual, relieved that the situation would soon be resolved.  Soon is right!  The next day, I got an e-mail from eBay saying that all was well and I had been reinstated to full former status.  They thanked me for my understanding & patience stating they considered the matter closed. 

Late last week, elated at my renewed ‘status’, I promptly proceeded to list my DVD collection – 197 titles in all!  Trouble was, my account had a monthly limit of 10 listings plus an income ceiling of $1K.  In my joyful haste, I listed 27 DVDs…and the system ‘crashed’.  Suddenly, I was locked out, prior listings were deleted and my account was red-flagged, AGAIN!!  In my eBay message area, I found ANOTHER notice of suspension with a new issue – another account, associated with both eBay & PayPal, possibly connected to my existing account. 

Not wanting to deal with another fax, I called Customer Service to explain my predicament:  Yes, I had another account.  Since I hadn’t used it in over 2 yrs., I had deleted it – or so I thought.  Anyway, I’m new to tech and, bottom-line, I did not disconnect that account.  So, what could I do now to rectify my dilemma? 

After hearing my story, an extremely helpful operator went about setting things right – on his own!  (Apologies, I don’t remember his name.)  He put me on ‘hold’ and, checking back every few minutes, was done reconnecting my old account with my new account in about 20 minutes.  Apparently, you can have more than one eBay account, they just have to be ‘synched’.  Just as he was about to sign off, he noticed one last item – my original monthly listing & income limits were still in place.  He asked if I wanted to increase them and of course I said ‘yes’!  In a matter of moments I was approved & the new monthly limits were increased to 100 listings & $5K in revenue.  THANK YOU!!! 

Day before yesterday, back to the computer for listing and relisting.  I successfully listed 28 multi-disc DVDs to start.  (I’ll be listing the rest at 25/day – it gets a little monotonous to do more.)  Out of curiosity, when I finished my listings I checked my ‘sales’ area.  Lo & behold, I had already made 3 sales!!

Not fully prepared for that quick of a response, I scrambled to the nearest Office Depot and got some bubble mailers & self-stick mailing labels.  Back at the house, I bought postage online from the USPS, printed the shipping labels and packed the DVDs in the bubble mailers w/the shipping labels properly placed & secure.  Then, I took them to the nearest Post Office and sent them on their merry ways.

I appreciate eBay’s diligence in the protection of all their customers and look forward to smooth sale-ing in the future.  Here are photos of some the listed ImageImageImageDVDs Image


Thank you for your kind attention, Charles K. Warren  To see my other blog, click the link below…



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