Sonic Burger Hosts Local Hot-rodders

Let me ‘shift gears’ on you this time…[pun intended…]It is almost a tradition around this area.  I call them, “Hot-rodders”.  NOT specific to any make or model, just people who LOVE hot cars!!! – Apologies, NO sexy women, this time…

They congregate weekly here at Sonic Burger, corner of Olive Dr. & Robert’s Lane in Bakersfield, CA.  Just to kinda show off their ride.  The weather this afternoon was blustery, so the participants were reluctant to participate.  Only the intrepid attended…not bad for a free show, though,Image ENJOY!!!!!!!

Anybody out there???  Do you ‘like’ this??  If so, PLEASE – leave a commentImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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I am 1/2 Native Hawaiian/American; born in Honolulu, HI - NOV 1950; Viet Nam era vet; recently retired, novice blogger/internet marketer; aspiring Entrepreneur/screenwriter/videographer-filmmaker; Master dog trainer; former Veterinary Tech; veteran Martial artist; motorcycle rider/enthusiast; 'foodie', etc.

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